Wheel Works Maker AR Carbon Disc 50mm


Wind cheating aerodynamics with supreme all-weather braking performance, now with a new wide rim profile to match the latest crop of ample tyre clearance disc-road frames.

Wheel Works wheels are hand built in NZ to exact measurements to ensure the rider ultimate quality at every turn.  Tristan from Wheel Works started the company with a passion to provide an unparalleled level of quality from each wheel build and overseas the selection of parts, build process and final examinations assuring you of the product you have purchased.  Each spoke is measured and cut to the perfect length which in turn strengthens the connection between the nipple, spoke and hub share the load evenly and add no extra stress to them or the rim, leaving you with a product that will last for years.  This is all supported by their lifetime wheels guarantee which you will not see on any other wheel brand.  Wheel Works spokes will never break on you in while training or in a race and unless they take a very hard hit will not come untrue.  You can also customised a set of Wheel Works wheels through MEC and Hot Cycles which have a range of part options, colours and can also personalise your name on the wheels.

The Maker AR  

A high performance 35mm or 50mm customised carbon wheelset guaranteed for life and designed for the modern generation of disc brake equipped bikes which are capable both on- and off-road.

This is the most versatile wheel we build and is equally at home on a go-fast road bike as an Open UP or similar adventure bike.  The Maker AR allows you to explore the countryside around you wether on tarmac or off the beaten path and removes the limits of traditional road wheelsets.

Tyre Choice

The Maker AR’s 23mm bead-width allows you to install any tyre from 25mm to 45mm.  It is tubeless-ready to work with the latest generation of tubeless-road tyres and has been painstakingly designed to be as easy as possible to install these often tight-fitting tyres.  Matched to the tubeless design is a hooked bead which allows the use of non-tubeless tyres and to provide uncompromised safety.

Light Weight Without Compromise

Versatility doesn’t have to come at the cost of weight.  We’ve engineered the Maker AR to have class-beating light weight to retain that fun, responsive feeling that a great pair of wheels provides without compromising on the wheelsets ability to attack rough gravel sections with confidence.

Disc Brake Specific

Disc brakes are nothing new to us at Wheelworks: While the rest of the industry tries to catch up to this ‘latest trend’ our staff bikes have been using discs for years.  The Maker AR is the latest addition to the Maker family and sports a wide profile to match the current crop of disc-road frames with ample tyre clearance. By combining the advantages in stopping power from discs, with the wind cheating profile of the Maker rim, the Maker AR Carbon Disk is a true neoclassic of carbon wheels.

After Sale Support

Like all of our sales our commitment to you doesn’t end once we’ve got your money:  If you have any questions maintaining or servicing your wheelset we’re here to help. Just get in touch with MEC, Hot Cycles or Wheel Works and we all will provide you with top quality support.

Each wheel we build is engraved with a unique number and Wheel Works keep detailed records dating back over 10 years tracking details like spoke length, pre-stress procedure, and even what type of grease was used between the spoke and nipple.


External Rim width 28mm
Internal Bead Width 23mm
Rim depth 35mm, 50mm. Mixed depths available
Brake surface Disc-specific rim without a brake surface
Optimized tyre size 23mm to 28mm (max tyre pressure 95psi)
Minimum tyre size 23mm
Maximum tyre size 45mm (max tyre pressure 50psi)
Quick release levers: Internal-cam skewers included with all quick-release disc wheels
Rim Tape: Tubeless rim tape and light weight CNC machined tubeless valves included

Custom Maker AR Disc Weights

Wheel Works Dial is standard with the Maker AR Disc wheels

  35/35mm 35/50mm 50/50mm
WheelWorks Dial 1450g 1468g 1486g
DT Swiss 350s 1523g 1541g 1559g
DT Swiss 240s 1475g 1493g 1511g
Chris King R45 Disc – Steel 1555g 1573g 1591g
Chris King R45 Disc – Ceramic 1546g 1564g 1582g