Wheelworks Maker SLD Carbon Disc CKR45


Fast acceleration, confident braking.


Based on the Maker AR (All-Road) platform which has been proven over the past 2 years, the Maker SLD (Super Light Disc) offers a shallower and lighter rim to create the most responsive wheelset that Wheelworks build.

A rim weight of only 380 grams creates an extremely responsive 1380 gram wheelset which is fast to accelerate, quick to climb, and an absolute joy to descend on.

The 23mm bead-width is perfectly matched to tyre sizes from 25mm to 32mm.  The tubeless-ready profile works perfectly with the latest batch of light weight tubeless tyres, and Wheelworks included a hooked bead to ensure complete safety when using non-tubeless tyres and inner tubes.  The wide rim and resulting low tyre pressures results in massive mid-corner grip allowing the Maker SLD to carve switchbacks like no other.  Pair this wheelset with a road tyre like the Continental GP4000 or Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless in 25mm or 28mm and it will redefine your definition of cornering.

The Maker SLD is the wheelset Wheelworks wanted to build 5 years ago however at that time 23mm tyres were the norm and most road frames didn’t have the clearance to accept anything larger.  Finally bike designers have realised what they've known for years:  The combination of disc brakes, wide tyres and low tyre pressure makes for a confident, fun, and comfortable road bike.

Maker SLD Rim Info

The Maker SLD uses a hooked bead and tubeless-ready bed allowing the use of tubeless-ready tyres like Schwalbe’s Pro One as well as traditional inner tube’d tyres like the Continental GP4000s.  A deep internal channel allows easy fitting and removal of both tyres of tyre, and the hooked bead ensures safety is never compromised.



External Rim width 28mm
Internal Bead Width 23mm
Rim depth 30mm – Will pair with a 50mm Maker AR rear
Brake surface Disc-specific rim without a brake surface
Optimized tyre size 23mm to 28mm (max tyre pressure 95psi)
Minimum tyre size 23mm
Maximum tyre size 45mm (max tyre pressure 50psi)
Quick release levers: Internal-cam skewers included with all quick-release disc wheels
Rim Tape: Tubeless rim tape and light weight CNC machined tubeless valves included


Tyre Pressure Suggestions

Tubeless Ready

This wheelset uses a tubeless-ready hooked bead allowing the use of both traditional road tyres with inner tubes fitted, or tubeless-ready tyres so regardless of what tyres you want to use we’ve got you covered.

Tubeless rimtape is fitted and a pair of light weight CNC aluminium tubeless valves is supplied.